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Hey I'm MDJedi

2008-09-10 05:01:17 by MDJedi

I'll be releasing my first Flash animation right now it's a kinda inside joke me and
My friends find it funny hope you do tooHere it is


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2008-09-10 06:19:38

i lolled!!^^nice video(i didn't get sum of the jokes thou...)oh,and welcome on ng!

MDJedi responds:

THX MAN The jokes are sometime inside so sorry if you don't get em


2008-09-10 07:28:18

I reviewed your animation, really want to see you practicing and producing some quality work because i think if you practice we should be seeing a lot more of your work, Welcome to NG and good luck! :D

MDJedi responds:

I will don't worry this is just a fun little experiment